La Demoiselle de Sigalas 2016

Dry white wine


La bouteille du vin La Demoiselle de Sigalas.

1 hectare of the exceptional terroir of the Château is reserved for the production of La Demoiselle de Sigalas 2016. The average age of the vines is 45 years. The conditions of production of the vineyard are the same as for the Premier Cru Classé. The vineyard team works the soil to avoid using pesticides or herbicides. The harvests are carried out manually in successive stages as they mature.The fermentation of the Semillon is done in barrels, while to preserve the aromas of fruit, flowers and its freshness, the Sauvignon is kept in stainless steel vats. The cellars are thermo-regulated. Both varieties are grown on fine lees.Before bottling, the 2 varieties are assembled by choosing the proportion of Sauvignon and Sémillon according to the vintages to keep them complex and freshness.


75% of Sémillon

25% of Sauvignon


in french oak barrels


Jacques Lurton


La Demoiselle de Sigalas is characterized by a clean and delicately golden dress.
Its elegant and complex nose leaves fresh notes of citrus and white flowers. It is in the mouth that the terroir of SIGALAS RABAUD shines through by its minerality embellished with a discreet woody.Extremely thirst-quenching, La Demoiselle is perfect for fish and seafood. Serve at 12°C.

Wine and food pairings

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La Demoiselle de Sigalas 2016, the second dry white wine of the Château


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