The 5 of Sigalas 2017 without sulfites added

Semi sweet white wine


La bouteille du vin Le 5 Sans Soufre Ajouté de Sigalas

Le 5 de Sigalas is produced from the same « terroir » as the First Growth. The wine is produced without added sulphur. Le 5 references the many years of hard work in the vineyard and wine cellar it required to create this exceptional wine. At the vine, it embodies a renewal of management of the vineyard and the organization of our winery. Award received : label of « High quality of environment ».


100% of Semillon

Without Sulfites


Laure de Lambert Compeyrot


According to the traditional method in Sauternes, the slightly over-ripe grapes are carefully picked by hand. The first nose is complex and elegant. It reveals a lovely aromatic expression with citrus notes, exotic fruits and white flowers. The palate is sweet, greedy and really fresh with pink grapefruit for an easy to drink wine. The balance between fruits, natural sugar and liveliness contribute to an ample and harmonious wine.

Wine and food pairings

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The 5 of Sigalas 2017 Without Sulfites Added


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