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Chateau Sigalas Rabaud,
A Family History

In the 17th century, the magistrates of Bordeaux Parliament discovered the potential of the great terroirs of the Garonne River. Councilor Rabaud then created a vineyard of 60ha south of Ciron, famous tributary of the Garonne. 

In 1832, the Guide Jullien, (reference guide of the time), classified the quality of Rabaud production at the level of that of Yquem and Rayne Vigneau. Then during the classification of 1855, many estates including Latour, Haut Brion, and Rabaud, were elevated to the rank of 1er cru.

1863 - 2018

1863 - 1895

Our story

Henri de Sigalas

In 1863, Henri de Sigalas acquired the castle Rabaud, a property that had slowly deteriorated. Aware of the potential of this terroir, he is working with intelligence and determination to strengthen his domain. At the time of his death in 1895, thanks to his work and his talents, his vintage, although heterogeneous, had regained all its place among the Bordeaux wine merchants.


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Pierre Gaston de Sigalas

Orphaned from birth, the only son of Henry Sigalas is entrusted to a Nanny in the Landes. From his childhood, he keeps the passion of horses and women but little of the vineyard of which he fears. In 1903, he sold the Château Rabaud built by Victor Louis and 45 ha from the estate. From the Rabaud estate, he only kept the southern slope encircling the farm, the charteuse from the 17th century, and nicknamed this parcel of 14 ha the “Jewel of Sigalas”. He gave the name of his family Rabaud : Sigalas, giving its new identity to his wine : Sigalas Rabaud.

1951 - 1984

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Marie-Antoinette de Sigalas

Pierre-Gaston’s granddaughter, Marie-Antoinette de Sigalas and her husband the Marquis de Lambert des Granges took over the “jewel of Sigalas” in 1951. They give life to the castle by rebuilding a vat room and a cellar that they have decorated in an traditional way and recreated the missing brand over 20 years. Château Sigalas then gradually regained the rank that this exceptional terroir deserves.

1984 - 2007

Our story

Gérard, Marquis de Lambert des Granges

In 1984, the children of Marie Antoinette, including their eldest, Gerard, Marquis of Lambert des Granges, succeed their parents and take over the head of the property. A technical association with the Château Lafaurie Peyraguey team, allows Sigalas Rabaud to modernize its farm. This collaboration lasted fifteen years and continues to uphold the fame of the Château and its status of Premier Cru Classé. In 1998, in memory of Henry de Sigalas, a young lieutenant who died in 1940, the family created the second wine of Château Sigalas Rabaud : Lieutenant de Sigalas.

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