The 5 Without Sulfites Added

Semi sweet white wine

La bouteille du vin Le 5 Sans Soufre Ajouté de Sigalas

The 5 of Sigalas Without Sulfites Added is developed on the same soil as the 1st Grand Cru Classé. This wine, conceived without sulfur addition, is the result of years of experience in the vineyard as in the winery. In the vineyard, it shows a revolution in the management of the vineyard, crowned by obtaining the label ‘High Environmental Quality’; In the cellar, it is in the extension of dry whites. Throughout its development, constant vigilance is necessary to protect the musts from oxidation. To ensure complete stability, mechanical filtration is performed to avoid the need for sulfites. A sweet and natural aperitif, made of character and originality, the 5, despite representing its soil, leaves the traditional mark of Sauternes.


85% of Sémillon

15% of Sauvignon

Without Sulfite Added


> 60 g/L

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